Monday, May 25, 2009

To The Bat Cave!

Holy Bat Fest Batman! Saturday June 13 is the date of the Sierra County Historical Society's popular Bat Cave fund raising tour of the Armendaris Ranch!

If you've never participated in this tour, you can't begin to imagine the sound created by thousands of tiny bat wings fluttering en masse. it sounds like...water. Rushing water. It builds to the crescendo of a very large waterfall.

To watch tens of thousands of bats take to the sky, joined by birds of prey who descend into their midst for their own evening is an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon that should not be missed. Swainson's Hawk ... meet Mexican Bat. Can you say "dinner!!"???

The tour will reach the bat caves just before dusk, prime time for observing thousands of bats exiting their caves below the lava beds. En route, we have seen antelope, oryx, bison, tortoises and a variety of birds, including the rare Aplomado Falcon.

Depending on conditions, the tour may also stop at the pens where the bison are vaccinated, tested, and examined. Return time is approximately 10pm. The $150 cost includes a meal, soft drinks, and plenty of water. All proceeds of this tour go directly to the museum. We are thankful for the ongoing support of Ted Turner and Tom Waddell at the Armendaris Ranch for our fund raising efforts. To participate in this tour, 4WD/high clearance vehicles are required and carpooling will be utilized. This trip is limited to 6 vehicles.

Please contact LaRena Miller for more info at 894-6600 or by e-mail at